Terms of Service

Please read the Terms of Services of the Followers website carefully before shipping your account, and before making any new order

01- Registering on the Followers website, charging your account, and making a new order means your full acceptance of these terms, whether you read it or not.

02- There is no guarantee of compensation for the deficiency at all ( on some services ).

03- We do not guarantee the delivery of services immediately or on the same day, the speed of delivery depends on the number of existing orders, the required quantity.

04- In the event that the request becomes executing, you are not entitled to request the cancellation of the service under any circumstances.

05- Refund policy: It is not possible, nor in any way, to return the balance to your Paypal account after it has been shipped on the site, you can use it to request services only.

06- You agree that once you pay and charge your account, you will not file a complaint or dispute against us for any reason.

07- In the event that a complaint or dispute is raised against us for any reason, we reserve the right to stop all previous, current and future requests for you, and completely ban the account from the site, and we also reserve the right to withdraw all followers from your account or the accounts of your clients who Previously requested them.

08- The amount of any request is not canceled and refunded for any reason unless the system fails to complete the work.

09- Followers has the right to cancel any order without prior notice and without explaining the reason for the cancellation.

10- Never make two different requests for the same account link until the first order is fully completed, in this case only one order will be delivered and the second order will be considered complete as well.

11- In the event that you request the Instagram service and the account status is changed to private during work, the service is considered complete, even if you open the account to a year again.

12- Followers services prices are subject to change at any time without any prior notice.

13- Disclaimer: Followers website will not be responsible for any damage that occurs to the accounts, making a new order at your own risk.

14- Regarding the Instagram service: Some account holders may be upset and may send a report against you to Instagram. The request is made on your personal responsibility and we do not bear any results!